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Currently in production.
Targeted to launch on Amazon September 2019

No more boring lay reading!

To be an effective lay leader, you’ve got to do two things well: understand the Biblical text, and skillfully deliver that text. Both skills are needed to engage and inspire the congregation who listens to the scripture readings. In this book, Cindy gives the lay reader tools for improved public speaking competency and a streamlined system to analyze the text so that he or she can read the passage aloud in vivid, life-giving way.

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Funded through a wildly successful Kickstarter project and packed with heartwarming stories and photographs, Giving Away the Farm opens the door to an amazing community of artistic friends. Come along for a joyful ride as the people and animals of the farm show you around their special "home they didn't know they were looking for."

"The world can learn a lot from Cindy Telisak, and it has nothing to do with sheep."  ~Susan Gibbs, Juniper Moon Farm

Available in paperback, Kindle, and coming soon to Audible.

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