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Publishing professionals committed to getting soul-nourishing books into your hands and reading devices where they can make a difference.  We specialize in faith-based works with artistic and agriculturally based inspiration.


Do you have an incredible book burning a hole inside you, but have no idea where to start in the writing and publishing process? Believe me, I know how you feel. But I found an amazing young man who has developed a no-fail process of getting your ideas from blank page onto the best seller list on Amazon. Please check out Chandler Bolt’s YouTube channel for some great instructional videos. And if you think the one-on-one coaching, practical materials, and the great Mastermind group would be the boost you need to get that book out of your head, click over to his Self Publishing School and check out the program. Let me know (email before you sign up and I’ll refer you. Then you’ll get a generous discount, and (full disclosure) I’ll get a nice “thank you” bonus. I fully recommend this, as a happy, successful student of SPS.

Lay Reading

Supplement the training you’ll get in the book, The Eloquent Lay Reader: A Step by Step Guide to a Fulfilling Ministry Proclaiming God’s Word, Check out the resources available to you for free. (Coming soon.) You can also contact me to come train your Lay Reader team in person.

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